Race Order

  1. MX1/MX2 Intermediate/Pro
  2. 65cc/85cc
  3. Vet Open
  4. MX2/MX1 Beginner
  5. 50cc
  6. - Intermission -
  7. 50cc
  8. MX1/MX2 Intermediate/Pro
  9. 65cc/85cc
  10. Vet Open
  11. MX2/MX1 Beginner


  • 50cc
  • 65/85cc
  • Vet Open
  • MX 2 Beginner
  • MX 2 Intermediate/Pro
  • MX 1 Beginner
  • MX 1 Intermediate/Pro

Race Day

  1. Registration start at 09:00am
  2. Riders meeting at 09:30am
  3. Practice at 9:40am
  4. Racing starts at 10:00am

Race day fees: $20 for members, $35 for non-members.

The track will be closed the Saturday before a race at 3:00pm for track prep

MDRA Club Rules

  • All Riders must have a valid membership to ride the track,  This is very important as a waiver must be signed. 
  • All Rider must ride slowly (1st gear) in the pit/parking area.  No wheelies, stunts, doughnuts, etc. in the parking/pit area.
  • One Rider per bike.  No doubling
  • Be sure to enter track at a safe point and travel incorrect direction.  Immediately stop and notify anyone seen riding in the wrong direction.
  • Never stop on the track, especially near jumps.  Pull off tho the side.
  • All riders must wear a proper helmet whenever operating and OHV in the park.  It is expected that riders utilize other appropriate protective clothing/gear when riding in the park.
  • Ride safely!  It is the riders responsibility to determine which obstacles are within their ability.  Ride at own risk and never ride alone.
  • Riders are PROHIBITED from consuming ALCOHOL while riding.
  • ​Riders age 16 and under must be under the control and supervision of a parent or responsible adult at all times while riding the track.
  • Pets must be on a leash, under control and supervised at all times.
  • Please place your trash in an appropriate bin or remove it when you leave the park.
  • Automobiles must remain in the pit-parking area.
  • Watch out for younger riders on the track.  Pass with CAUTION!!!
  • Beginners, hold you line when faster riders are approaching, they will go around you.  Do not try and move out of the way, you may cause a collision. 


Class structure

  • Beginner:  Riders that are new to the sport and the slower riders in any given age group.
  • Intermediate:  This typically makes up the largest group. These are experienced motocross riders of average ability who you wouldn't call the fastest guys.
  • Pro: These are the fast guys in any given age group.  You will know if you are a Pro!

Bike sizes​​

  • 50cc - bikes no larger than 50cc
  • 65cc - bikes no larger than 65cc (110cc equivalent 4 stroke)
  • 85cc - bikes no larger than 85cc (150cc equivalent 4 stroke)
  • MX 2 - 125cc 2 stroke/250F four stroke.  Faster 85cc/100cc riders can enter MX1 in their respective class.
  • MX 1 - 250cc 2 stroke/450F four stroke.  Smaller cc bikes are allowed to enter MX2 classes.

Junior Rider Club

Learn, Ride and Race Together!

  • A junior rider club that meets on a regular scheduled basis to learn and practice riding and racing skills as part of a group.  
  • Provide a fun and safe place for kids to ride and race.
  • Provide coaching and instruction to all rider skill levels by local experienced club members.


Max bike size - 100cc 2 stroke or equivalent physical size four stroke.

14 years of age or younger

Three tracks available for kids to ride:

  •  Cone Course - flat course designed to teach the basics. 
  •  50cc track - jumps and berm turns.  Designed for beginner to advanced riders up to 85cc size bikes.
  •  Main track - for the brave and more advanced riders looking to make the next step.  ​

Parent or chaperone is required to be present during sessions.

Free with annual membership.  $400 family, $250 single. 
Drop in fee - $20 per session.

      ​Junior Riders Club - Monday May 14

Round 1 - Sunday May 20

     Junior Riders Club - Monday May 28 

Round 2 - Sunday June 3

     Junior Riders Club - Monday June 18

     Junior Riders Club - Monday June 25

ADRA Provincial Round 1 Fort McMurrray June 23/24

Round 3 - Sunday July 1

 Junior Riding Club - Monday July 9

Round 4 - Sunday July 15

     Junior Riding Club - Monday July 30

Round 5 - Sunday Aug 12

​     Junior Riding Club - Monday Aug 20

Round 6 - Sunday Aug 26

Round 7 - Sunday Sept 9

Round 8 - Sunday Sept 23

*The MDRA holds a 2 Moto format.  Each of the above classes will be run twice.  Points are awarded for each Moto and the combined is used to tally the overall for the day.  In the event of a tie in points the overall will be awarded to the rider who finished better in the second moto.

* Rules and scoring will be constant with theMotosport Racing Canada Amateur Racing Rule book.


2018 Event Schedule

Race Points